Over the coming weeks Ms. Niccoli's first graders and Mr. Brad's preschoolers will be joining us on our science expedition in Antarctica. While we (a science team from various parts of the world) work in sub-freezing conditions and sleep on ice for several weeks on end, the students will be enjoying the adventure from their warm and cozy classrooms. Feel free to follow along on our adventure together.

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Satellite image of Antarctica, courtesy of NASA. The blue dot is McMurdo. The red dot is our field area on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The New Zealand Stop-Over

The entire team has made it to New Zealand. We spent today enjoying the green, warm summer of this beautiful island. No science, no work, no worries. We toured museums, ate great food, walked through gardens, and enjoyed listening to a men's chorus practice in one of the local chapels.

Tomorrow will begin the first part of the real adventure. We will meet tomorrow morning to discuss all the details of our flight to Antarctica and the science we want to learn. We will also go get our specialized, cold-weather clothing tomorrow. This is actually very important. We have to make sure every single person gets all the appropriate clothing, from underwear to hats, and that everything fits just perfectly. It will probably take all afternoon to get outfitted for our big adventure.

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