Over the coming weeks Ms. Niccoli's first graders and Mr. Brad's preschoolers will be joining us on our science expedition in Antarctica. While we (a science team from various parts of the world) work in sub-freezing conditions and sleep on ice for several weeks on end, the students will be enjoying the adventure from their warm and cozy classrooms. Feel free to follow along on our adventure together.

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Satellite image of Antarctica, courtesy of NASA. The blue dot is McMurdo. The red dot is our field area on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Heading Home

I am officially headed home. I've left Drs. Koenig and Koutnik, Mike, Clement, and Landon in Antarctica to complete our work, and am headed to Utah's toasty warm winter. I'm very excited to get home and see my family, but I will miss Antarctica and my wonderful field team there.

The trip home will be a long one, just like the trip coming. It takes 6 different airplane flights to get from WAIS Divide Camp to Salt Lake City, Utah. Adding it all up, I will be sitting on planes for about 30 hours. Yuck!

I'll write another blog with pictures of the journey back to the states once I'm officially home. I'll also continue to update you as to our team's progress in Antarctica. I'll definitely be anxious to get them all home safely to their families and to hear about their many adventures since I left them.

See you all soon!

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  1. Anyway it is a great job to go Antartica and achieve something like drilling cores.. Got to have home food after a long time know?? So, how was the feeling..